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Liroxa™ Ultrasonic Scaler Dental ProLiroxa™ Ultrasonic Scaler Dental Pro
Sale priceFrom 69.99 USD Regular price139.99 USD
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Liroxa™ 3 in 1: Flosser, Scaler, ToothBrushLiroxa™ 3 in 1: Flosser, Scaler, ToothBrush
Sale priceFrom 108.95 USD Regular price223.95 USD
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Liroxa™ Tongue Cleaner & ScraperLiroxa™ Tongue Cleaner & Scraper
Sale priceFrom 14.99 USD Regular price19.99 USD
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Liroxa™ Teeth Whitening Pen KitLiroxa™ Teeth Whitening Pen Kit
Sale priceFrom 19.99 USD Regular price29.99 USD
Save 15.01 USD
Liroxa™ Teeth Whitening Gel Refill 3XLiroxa™ Teeth Whitening Gel Refill 3X
Sale price14.99 USD Regular price30.00 USD

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